Sunday, September 19, 2021

How pandemic is hurting the husband-wife relationship

Most talk during the pandemic has centred around loss of jobs, Covid symptoms, hand washing and social distancing, unfortunately little has been spoken about the couple’s relationship which has suffered the most. The pandemic has in fact boxed the wife and husband into a tight corner.

With the work from home scenario, suddenly the couple has been forced to stay together the whole day. Nobody wanted it and nobody wants it, that way. While initially, it seemed to work wonders being around together more often than before, watching movies on OTT, playing board games, browsing through the photo albums together, soon it turned into a nightmare.

While the husbands were earlier quietly enjoying the day time break being away from home and at office, the women who relished the “Me Time” have begun to feel suffocated with the man being around at home, all the time. Think about the working women, she is harassed for time everyday with home, inlaws, husband, kids and household chores. No gym, no walking and not much time for herself. The pent up feelings and piling office work is beginning to hurt their mental and physical well being.

The healthy space between the two has vanished and quarrels and abuse have become common. Imagine being quarantined without having Covid, that’s exactly how most women have been feeling during the pandemic. The online classes haven’t helped either with kids occupying the bedroom and demanding something to eat every one hour.

Help for household chores is a daily bother with excuses of office call, online class etc being thrown in.

Unless the men understand what their spouse is going through and support them; and together with the children do 50:50 in household chores and relinquish their rooms now and then for women; and private and government come together to set up some support systems, the pandemic will leave a psychological scar on the wife-husband relationship forever.

In the meantime, the helplines and phone lines of counsellors are buzzing with calls from married women.

Rajasekar KS, Author of the upcoming book How to Read Your Husband Like a Book. He can be reached at


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