Thursday, September 30, 2021

Home, office, classroom or salon?

The home has changed a lot these days, courtesy the pandemic. Sometime it's an office where the man and woman are on zoom meetings or frantically walk around taking office calls, at other times it's a classroom with children answering the teachers or displaying their projects. Suddenly, it becomes a beauty parlour when ladies bring out their creams, lipsticks, perfumes et all. Not just that, it also turns into a saloon when the wife grudgingly snips the overgrown hair of the husband. On weekends, it turns into gym or sometimes a dance class.

Everyday the home seems getting crazier than before with phones, laptops and TV blaring different sounds. As it gets smaller, every little space is being used - the kids fire up their laptops and take the balcony or the staircase and the pets find their comfort in whatever temporary space is available.

The lack of outdoor activities and the reluctance to invite friends or relatives has further pushed pushed people's mental well-being to the corner.

People at home are getting shoved from one room to the other as these transformations happen. And the whole family lives on the edge battling frayed nerves as the space turns small and begins to choke all at home.

To solve the space issue, some have moved to bigger homes on the city's outskirts as the rents have nosedived with the IT sector choosing to work from  home and workers moving to their native.

As I change the background settings of my zoom and adjust the photos on the wall behind, to gear up for a meeting with an agency, I wonder if pandemic will have a lasting impact on our family and relationships.

Rajasekar KS writes about culture, relationships and technology. He can be reached at

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