Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Stop Thinking about Small Things, Start Thinking about the Important Things


Do you think about small things in the relationship?

Why they keep the toothpaste cap open, can't put the things back in the proper place in the kitchen, forget to turn the tap off sometimes or come home late for dinner.

If you focus on little things like these, the relationship is heading for trouble.

The objective of marriage is happiness, peace, progressing together and care for all at home.

Think Big.

Focus on the positive and the quarrels fall by the wayside. How to expand your resources to buy a new home. How to plan your child's education at a good college. How much to save for that family vacation to Hawaii. What's the plan for the anniversary. What are the things to work on to get the promotion next year. How to become more confident and fit by exercising every day.

When you focus on the big and important things in life, the small things get resolved quickly.

Think Big. Think positive.


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