Monday, August 17, 2020

Men think, Women feel - unique difference between man and woman

 Men think, Women feel

Look at the way they ask questions.

Man: What do you think?

Woman: How do you feel?

The way a many behaves is different from that of a woman. Your husband will think and respond or do things. 

You will feel and do or respond to questions.

If you understand this fundamental difference, you will not feel bad or get upset the next time he gives you a quick answer that is devoid of any details.

As a woman, you will ask your friend: "How would you feel when you husband says this response to ....."

As a man, your husband is likely to ask his friend: "What do you think a wife means when she says this..."

The man, by nature, is trained to think, not feel. It's not easy to change this behaviour, since it's hardwired.

You will always feel and connect lots of information when you talk about something. This too is difficult to change, because it's natural.

If you understand this, you will soon learn to appreciate why they say and do things the way they do. As you become aware, you will learn to celebrate your differences.

For both of you are made to be special and unique. 


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