Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Changing Your Question, Changes the Response

The response you get from your husband can change based on how you ask

How often in our relationship do we ask questions that get monosyllabic answers.

And we wonder why our partner is not responding. Is our partner tired or upset? Did they have a tough day at work? Questions crop up in our mind and bother us.
Let's look at an example.

Wife: How was your day
Hubby: Fine

We could very well change this:

Wife: What was the most interesting moment of you day at work
Hubby: Well, actually it was the birthday celebration of a team mate. It was all fun and ......

Let's look at another example:
Hubby: Why did you bang that door shut
Wife: I didn't slam it, I ....... (Is upset, denies and the argument begins)

We could change this:

Hubby: Baby, could you shut the door slowly, It made me jolt
Wife: I'm sorry Robert, I didn't mean to. I'll be careful next time

See, how changing the question, changes the response.

Don't forget to try it.

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