Saturday, July 25, 2020

My husband keeps forgetting his wallet and car keys, what should I do

Ever seen your husband frantically searching for the car keys, wallet, ID card or his favourite tie just when you’re leaving to office or busy with something? And finally you find it right on his desk or inside his cupboard.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Millions of wives are facing this situation every day. On the lighter side, men are so forgetful that sometimes they forget who they married.

Women are sometimes bewildered by this strange behaviour of their husbands. It’s a feeling only married women can empathize with.

It’s best to work together on this and help him. Ask him to get into the habit of leaving these in some dedicated place where he can find it easily, by himself.

Second, ask him to stop and take a look at where he’s keeping it. When he searches, he can close his eyes and visualize where he last saw the thing he’s searching…and abracadabra he’ll generally remember it.

With a little patience from both and lot of effort from your husband, he’ll be able to soon remember where he kept his things.

If he’s just misplacing things once in a while, it’s fine. Could you be just a bad habit from his younger days.

But if he keeps losing car keys, wallet and credit cards frequently, then a visit to the doctor might help. It’s all treatable and curable.


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