Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A secret family ritual that creates a sense of belonging

For five decades, a family ritual that my father began has ushered immense love in my family. In my youth, it used to be my parents, sister and two brothers. Now, I continue that sacred tradition. 

Every day after dinner my wife, two daughters and yours truly bond together to share our day's happenings.

A 30-minute non judgemental sharing and listening that lets each other know what we're doing, what makes us happy or what our aspirations are for the future. 

We laugh, smile, appreciate, encourage and connect as a family. 

And when we go to bed after that, we feel relaxed and happy.

Try to set apart a time with your husband and kids, after dinner, when you can speak what's on your mind. If we share our daily experiences, the openness binds us together.

I strongly urge you to start it today!

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